My love story!


Hi! here I have to share my love story, first of all I´m Catholic. for me universe means God, I prayed for the man of my life for some years and I knew that He was near to my house, I don´it know why but I felt that. I imagined him tall, smart, kind, hard worker, handsome and HONEST, loving, and loyal. In 2011 I saw a man like my ideal love in the church. I saw him, and inmediately I said it to God ” Lord I can see his soul in his eyes, he is so lovely, please send me one exactly as him” I didn´t have any friend in common. I didn´t know how to make to know him. Days passed, months passed but I never stopped believing in my feeling “my real love exists. One day a friend of my told me: “put your pic in catolicos solteros meeting website”, I did that without any preassure, or specific intention. Suddenly a man who talked about philosophy , cinema, sports, architecture wrote me. I didn´t recognize his pic profile neither him mine . Days passed again and one day he connect to me across hotmail messenger.

I remember, I told him “I don´t know who you are”. He turned on his webcam and imagine what! HE WAS THE MAN OF THE CHURCH!!! and he has been living 10 blocks near to my house. Since that moment I knew he is the man of my life and we married this year on july 19. I only can say THANKS MY GOD, MY UNIVERSE, MY LIGHT! miracles happen when you believe, when you have faith. And you know what means love? first of all decision, then feeling, patience, forgiveness, imagination, creativity, surprise, share your dreams with your soulmate and no matter what happens while you believe in love, that is the main force of the universe that all create, transform , give health , abundance , hapiness and harmony.


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  • JIMENA | | Responder

    Tu historia es un sueño Milagros, con razón te llamas así 😀 te mereces toda la felicidad del mundo al lado de Carlos

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